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Village Cruisers 

Families have been enjoying our bikes for 17 years! 

They are a fun form of transport to get around Hanmer Springs! 

Designed for 2 - 6 people, you just sit back and pedal gently around the streets of the Hanmer Springs Village. There is enough storage in the basket on the front to take a picnic or use as an infant seat with seat belts.  Fabulous fun for all ages!!

Located at 1 Conical Hill Road
Hanmer Springs 
North Canterbury

(Just past the Heritage Hotel)

Alpine Crazy Putt and Village Cruisers

Alpine Crazy Putt

Hanmer Springs' central mini golf course. Now located just past the Heritage Hotel it's also your starting point for the Village Cruisers. This course has been recently rebuilt with lots of new and exciting holes!